Cleans Training Clinic

Attention Coaches and Athletes alike!

Coach Rich and FST is proud to announce an opportunity not to be missed. We are once again hosting an educational seminar, this time focused on one of the most important movements one can do to develop explosive power, rate of force development, dynamic flexibility and to improve athletic performance.

In this seminar you can expect to learn and understand:

- The WHY of the clean - why should you be programming this movement in your workouts
- The set up and execution of the clean
- Variables that could limit success and how to address them
- Accessory work to improve your clean - Front Rack; Front Squat; High Pull
- Mobility drills to improve your end range position

All levels are welcomed and encouraged - this seminar is for coaches, athletes and the newbie to the gym. Everyone will be starting from the ground and working their way up.

June 10th from 11:30am - 1pm

Sign up via the GloFox app - contact us with any registration questions or concerns!